Services Provided

Help And Support When Things Feel Overwhelming

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’ll find help and empowerment at Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine. Along with our resources and referrals, we will work to help you find hope and positive solutions to your situation. A visit to our center will give you the confidence and information to make the choice right for YOU. Everything we offer is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Pregnancy Tests

Closeup On Young Woman Looking On Pregnancy TestMake an appointment at Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine for a free lab-quality pregnancy test. Our pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, detecting HCG (the hormone released in early pregnancy)   If your test is positive, one of our client advocates will discuss your options with you and give you a safe place to process your emotions.  We will also speak with you about options, setting up doctor visits, and anything else you need to know.



Limited Ultrasound Services

ultrasound-1024x683If you think you’re pregnant, come take a free pregnancy test at Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine.  The next step is verifying that your pregnancy is viable, that is having developed sufficiently inside the uterus to be able to live. We offer Free Limited Ultrasounds by appointment to verify your pregnancy, determine if it is a viable pregnancy, and give an approximate due date.  Learn more here.


Making a Decision

At Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine, we believe our clients need to be fully informed. Make an Appointment and we will take the time to educate you with information and empower you with the ability to make the choice that’s best for you.  Following are the three potential options available for a women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.   We will give you a safe and confidential place to consider your options and make a decision.  Stories from others having to make those decisions can be found at



  •  The Parenting Option - We have a variety of parenting classes which will take you from a positive pregnancy test through potty training your toddler. In all our classes, you can earn “Boutique Credit” to spend in our Baby Boutique.  Learn more here.
  • Making An Adoption Plan - There are many types of adoption plans available today. Come in and talk with one of our client advocates to find out more information. We will  put you in touch with agencies that will walk you through the adoption process.  Contact us.
  • Considering Abortion - A variety of abortion methods are used at various stages of pregnancy. Our client advocates will help you understand all that is involved in each abortion procedure so you will be able to make an informed choice.  Learn more here.


Post-Abortive Counseling

Upset woman talking to her therapist on the couch at therapy ses

 After an abortion, many women experience a range of emotions. If you find yourself struggling after a past abortion, make an appointment with one of our client advocates. We will provide a safe place for you to process your emotions, and we even have specific programs to help you find hope and healing.


Safe and Confidential

At Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine, we understand that an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming and might lead to many different emotions. 

Our client advocates provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can process your feelings and make a plan for your unique situation. Everything we do is free and confidential.

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