Limited Ultrasound Services

Free Pregnancy Verification & Limited Ultrasound Services

After taking a free pregnancy test at Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine, the next step is verifying that your pregnancy is viable, that is having developed sufficiently inside the uterus to be able to live. We offer free limited ultrasounds by appointment on Tuesday afternoons to verify your pregnancy and give an approximate due date. To schedule an appointment and for prep instructions call the Care Net office at 725-5433.

What is an Ultrasound?

457162975An ultrasound is a very simple and painless procedure. With an ultrasound, one of our nurses can determine approximately how long you have been pregnant, whether your pregnancy is safely located in your uterus, and if the pregnancy is viable.

In more detail, an ultrasound uses sound to show pictures of your pregnancy to you and the ultrasound nurse. We spread a clear jelly on your stomach, and then use a special ultrasound microphone to “listen” to your pregnancy. Unlike an X-ray, the microphone does not use any radiation, which makes it safe for both you and your developing pregnancy. The ultrasound device bounces sound waves off your uterus, and those sound waves are then turned into a clear picture for you to see.

Safe and Confidential

At Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine, we understand that an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming and might lead to many different emotions. 

Our nurses are fully trained and licensed and they provide safe, confidential, limited ultrasound services.  We, at Care Net, are sensitive to your unique situation.  Everything we do is free and confidential.  

Call the Care Net office at 725-5433 for an appointment and prep instructions.