For Guys

She’s Pregnant. Now What?

Your partner’s pregnancy might make you feel overwhelmed, and as a man, you might wonder if your opinion matters.  The reality is that most women want to know their partner’s feelings and where they stand.  At Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine, we will give you and your partner a safe place to talk about your concerns and questions.  Make an appointment today to talk with one of our client advocates.

What  Should I Do?  

Just asking the question shows that you care about your partner and that the pregnancy matters to you.  You can show support by listening to her.  Let her talk through her emotions, fears, questions and concerns.  Discuss each option together and talk about what it would look like for both of you.  Together, you might find it helpful to talk with one of our client advocates so you can discuss your unique situation.  Make an appointment today.


Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Dad?

Outdoor portrait of happy young man wearing scarf and smiling atBecoming a father can be overwhelming and leave you feeling confused and full of questions.  But so many men find fatherhood to be one of the most rewarding things they’ll ever do.  It is important to learn to communicate your thoughts and feelings and never be afraid to ask questions.  At Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine, we offer a large assortment of Parenting Classes and our client advocates will give you a safe place to learn how to be the best dad you can be.


What About Abortion?  

AbortionSupportRemember, it is important for you to tell your partner what you are feeling and thinking about her pregnancy.  Although legally it is ultimately her choice to make, your thoughts and concerns matter.  You are a valuable and important part of what she will choose.  Our client advocates are available to talk to you about all the options, so you and your partner can make an informed choice.  Make an appointment today.


She Already Had An Abortion?

It is important for you to understand that having more than one abortion carries increased health risks for your partner.  Make an appointment at Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine.  One of our client advocates will give you information on abortion so you and your partner can make a fully informed choice.


Common Questions

  • Has she had a pregnancy test? 
  • What do I do now? 
  • What about abortion? 
  • Should we think about adoption? 
  • Do I have what it takes? 

Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine can provide medically accurate information about all your choices.  We also can provide a Free Pregnancy Test and answer any of your questions so you can make an informed decision.